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WaaghAnyone driving across the bridge into the centre of Nijmegen will understand why its 160,000 citizens are so proud of their city: the waterfront set against the backdrop of the city centre in the background is a splendid sight. Past and present go hand in hand; historic buildings are interspersed with fine examples of modern architecture.

Nijmegen, the oldest city in the Netherlands, is situated on a range of hills near the River Waal. The city has attracted people since its very foundation. The surrounding area features hills, woods and polders, creating a varied countryside offering a range of recreational opportunities to both citizens and tourists.

Foto van de Sint Stevenskerk en -torenWhat not to miss in Nijmegen:
  • the historic Valkhofpark, Hunnerpark and Kronenburgerpark;
  • the St. Stevens Church dating from 1254 (climb the 67 metre high St. Stevenstoren for a unique view!);
  • the museums, including Museum Het Valkhof (with many Roman finds) and the bicycle museum Velorama;
  • the Commanderie van St. Jan (from 1196) with coffee-roasting house, distillery and brewery;
  • the Waalkade, with the casino and various restaurants and (pavement) cafés along the riverbank;
  • numerous shops in historic buildings and modern architecture;
  • international films, debates and theatre in artplex LUX;
  • plays, concerts and opera in De Vereeniging concert hall or the city theatre;
  • summer open air pop festivals (Goffertpark);
  • many unique events, including the International Four Days Marches and the Four Day parties (i.e. seven days of festivities) attracting over a million visitors in the third week of July;
  • the bustling pavement cafés, pubs and restaurants and hospitable hotels.